Learn How You Can Find Undervalued Property That You Can Potentially Purchase 10% – 40% Below Market Value From Motivated Vendors

Learn About Dominique Grubisa Real Estate Rescue Program

Find Undervalued Properties At Up To 10%-40% Below Market Value

With thousands of Australians now at risk of defaulting on their mortgages, the opportunity for smart investors has never been better. Now you have the chance to save owners the indignity and heartache of a mortgagee sale and possibly generate gains by purchasing properties early in the foreclosure process.


We have highlighted the most common Real Estate Rescue Question’

How much time does the Real Estate Rescue program require?

Real Estate Rescue Program generally takes 30 – 40 hours to complete. However, we would suggest taking your time finishing it.

Does DG Institute Help with money partners?

If needed, DG Institute can assist. However, the Program teaches you about these aspects.

Does DG Institute overlook joint ventures contracts?

It’s not DG Institute’s role to view/review all JV’s that DGI Graduates go on. However, we can provide assistance if needed.

How does the Dominique Grubisa 45/55 split work?

By wearing all the risk of the deal, Dominique evenly splits the profits of the deal 45% to 55%.

If I’ve got no money, can I still do the Program?

The Program is designed for little to no money down. Some clients have horrible credit and no capital joining. This Program allows them to succeed still.

Where can I find Real Estate Rescue, DG Institute and Dominique Grubisa reviews?

You can find these reviews here where DG Institute Graduates talk about Dominique Grubisa, DG Institute and overall experience with the Real Estate Rescue course.

Why buy the Real Estate Rescue Program

Imagine if you could purchase a property up to 40% below market value.

Opportunities like this do exist and they generally come about by purchasing what are known as, “distressed properties”.

Owners of distressed properties quite often find themselves in a position where they need to sell quickly, and in a most cases, they are even prepared to take a large discount to make this happen. “That’s great but I don’t have the money to buy these properties” I hear you say. Well what if I told you here is a way you can take control of these properties using little to no money down.

Our Real Estate Rescue Program outlines all the steps you need to follow to help you locate and secure these heavily discounted properties and in doing so, generate a significant profit. At the same time, you will learn how to negotiate a WIN/WIN outcome with distressed property owners and lenders.

Purchasing distressed properties is the most effective way to buy property significantly under market value while also helping distressed owners.

It’s also the quickest way for you to become a successful property investor.

Real Estate Rescue Program Inclusion

  • 2-Day Real Estate Rescue Workshop
  • Accelerator Home Study Course
  • Online Home Study Course
  • Monthly Webinars With Dominique
  • Legal Kit
  • RP Data Professional Subscription by Corelogic
  • Email Support
  • Dedicated Funding
  • 3 Essential Resources

Are people who buy distressed properties greedy opportunists?

However, those who have long-term success are usually compassionate, fair-minded and genuinely want to help distressed property owners solve their financial problems while earning a fair and reasonable profit in return.

By taking these problems out of distressed property owner’s hands, you can effectively help them to protect their credit rating, potentially saving them from bankruptcy and assisting them to rebuild their lives.

I want YOU to join the ranks of successful, fair-minded investors at my workshop.

Our DGI Graduate Mary showcases how you can create a WIN/WIN outcome whilst helping people who are really in need, which are families who are under financial pressure from the banks.

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