Real Estate Rescue Case Studies

Read the Real Estate Rescue Graduates case studies and there thought on DG Institute & Dominique Grubisa

Real Estate Rescue Graduate Seymour, VIC

Profit : $63,200

This RER Elite Mentoring graduate did a property flip through a take over deal which took her 3 months to flip, she found the deal through our DGI graduate private FB community.

Real Estate Rescue Graduate Wavell Heights, QLD

Profit : $88,752

Lynn Couchman is a Real Estate Rescue Elite Mentoring Graduate she purchased a property in Wavell heights Queensland with the intension of flipping it for a profit.

Real Estate Rescue Graduate Brighton, SA

Profit : $37,666

This DGI Graduate project was a renovate and flip, the owner was moving into retirement, Karen was able to get a 10% discount on the property at $35,000 off the listed price of $440,000

Real Estate Rescue Graduate Glenfield, NSW

Profit : $27,585

This DGI Graduate did a complete joint venture on this project with no upfront costs for herself, the owner was heading into retirement and wanted a quick sell, Anne had planned a quick renovate and flip.