Introducing A 3-Step System To Find & Potentially Secure Property At Up To Potentially 10% – 40% Below Market Value From Motivated Vendors

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Introducing A 3-Step System To Find & Potentially Secure Property At Up To Potentially 10-40% Below Market Value From Motivated Sellers

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What You’ll Learn

Wholesale Deals

Wholesale deals are when you are able to purchase a property significantly below market value. These situations come about when a vendor is highly motivated to sell and is willing to accept a lower price in return for a quick sale. Motivated sellers are people who might be experiencing financial hardship or owe large sums of money, or could be experiencing personal problems such as divorce. These situations allow buyers to purchase properties 10-40% below market value and at the same time help vendors in tough situations.

Short Sale Deals

In some situations, a homeowner might find themselves in a situation where they have more money owing on their property than the property is actually worth. This is known as being in negative equity and creates a short sale. Where the vendor will owe money to the lender even when they sell the property. A short sale is a difficult situation for a vendor, however, it creates the possibility for a smart buyer to help the homeowner and also secure a property significantly under market value.

Takeover Deals

A takeover deal is a situation whereby you can piggyback on an existing mortgage that is already in place with the distressed homeowner. The beauty of this is it means that you do not need to purchase the property nor do you need to change its title. Effectively allowing you to legally control the property while also benefiting from not having to pay all the costs that come with property ownership. This is a great strategy for those looking to purchase a property under market value that you can quickly flip for a profit.